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Leela Sarti's Dharma Talks at Gaia House
Leela Sarti
Leela Sarti has been a student of the Buddha's teachings and practices since she was 16 years old. She lives with her family in Sweden and in addition to teaching Insight Meditation retreats internationally works individually with students in her psychotherapy practice in Stockholm. She is a long term student of the Diamond Approach and part of a teacher training program in that tradition.
2015-02-06 Meditation Instructions 51:10
Contentment and Joyful Living
2015-02-05 Opening Talk 53:03
Contentment and Joyful Living
2014-10-23 Embodying the Awakened Belly 53:18
A talk on trust, deep quiet sensing and wonderful emptiness and nothingness as the deepest nature of reality.
Embodying the Awakened Heart
2014-10-21 The Heart Centre and Earthly Awakening 48:52
The heart is where things are made personal. The outrageous heart puts gentle, clear pressure on all our defenses and structures. To learn to stay with things, with presence, opens the heart to its true capacity, opens our life and accelerates our metabolization of experience.As we open to life we can rediscover our belonging to the ancient and venerable sangha of all beings. Craving, aversion and delusion within the human mind and heart is the root cause of our own suffering, and the cause of global destruction of land, of water and beings. We can make our heart and mind a good place to live. For our own well-being and for the love of the earth and the divesity of beings.
Embodying the Awakened Heart
2014-10-19 What Goes On In The Head 60:06
When we get out of the stories, the proliferation and fragmentation of the mind, through sustained embodied presence, the true capacity of our mind is revealed: to allow emptiness and a quality of allowing. A welcoming space for things to happen without rejection, without trying to hold on. It can be a transformative experience to simply pause instead of immediately filling up the the space. Silence is the language of God, all else is a bad translation sais the sufi poet Rumi. To treasure and train our capacity to quiet down can open up our life.
Embodying the Awakened Heart
2014-10-18 Instructions and Meditation 60:46
This recording also includes Yanai Postelnik
Embodying the Awakened Heart
2014-08-26 Awakening The Belly 53:30
The gut is sometimes referred to as the second brain. It takes guts to live and practice in this beautiful, sweet, terrible and messy existence. The more we turn to life, open to life, the more our metabolisation of stored up past experiences accelerates. Full presence in belly, heart and head makes us more open to the Nothingness that is the deepest nature of reality. When we are natural in ourselves we know how to let go.
Joyful Living
2014-08-25 Relaxinig The Heart 58:50
The heart is the territory of our being where things are made personal. It is also the place were our most difficult personal issues are located. The awakened heart is a natural expression real openess, warm acceptance and the joy of being. A fierce, beating heart is needed in order to skillfully meet and transform shame and self-judgement. The fierce heart puts gentle pressure on all our defenses and structures, and when we melt a little, into the the authenticity of our heart, we become nourished but less demanding of life. The natural curiosity and peaceful simplicity of the heart emerges.
Joyful Living
2014-08-25 Second Morning - Joyful Living Instructions 31:30
Joyful Living
2014-08-24 Joy and Presence 56:27
The fragmentation of life has a chance of ending when we drop into embodied presence. When our awareness is immediate and intimate with experience we can disentangle ourselves from inner stories, commentaries, concepts, and contracted ideas. The most basic function of the personality is the reduction and the restriction of awareness, but through our own practice we free and expand awareness and learn that it can be a transformative experience to simply pause instead of immediatly filling up the space. When we are open to the immediacy of life, even when it is difficult, the heart responds with kindness, equanimity and joy.
Joyful Living

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