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Leela Sarti's Dharma Talks at Gaia House
Leela Sarti
Leela Sarti has been a student of the Buddha's teachings and practices since she was 16 years old. She lives with her family in Sweden and in addition to teaching Insight Meditation retreats internationally works individually with students in her psychotherapy practice in Stockholm. She is a long term student of the Diamond Approach and part of a teacher training program in that tradition.
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2007-02-10 Being who You Are 52:24
Gaia House Being Who You Are
2007-02-09 Opening Talk for Being who You Are 1:14:37
Gaia House Being Who You Are
2006-07-29 Sure Heart's Release 41:28
How can the Sure Heart be released in the midst of life's changing conditions? This talk explores how we can find the kernel of truth in any experience, and how wisdom grows by being intimately in touch with ourselves.
Gaia House Exploring Emptiness and Embodiment

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