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Jaya Rudgard's Dharma Talks at Gaia House
Jaya Rudgard
Jaya Karen Rudgard began meditating in the 1980s and practiced for eight years as a nun in the Theravada tradition with Ven. Ajahn Sumedho. A graduate of the IMS/Spirit Rock Teacher Training, she teaches insight meditation and mindfulness in the UK and internationally.
2018-05-18 The Buddha's Teaching on Mindfulness of Breathing 50:20
Awakening, Breath by Breath
2018-05-18 Meditation Instructions 1 - Mindfulness with Breath and Body 51:02
Awakening, Breath by Breath
2017-10-16 Non-Identification 47:10
Non-identification: approaching "selfing" with compassion and equanimity.
Insight Meditation & Qi Gong
2017-10-14 Reactivity & Response 52:16
Seeing the present moment with fresh eyes.
Insight Meditation & Qi Gong
2017-09-25 Wisdom - Some Reflections 55:32
Thoughts on the relationship of mindfulness and wisdom, and how wisdom is nurtured and developed.
Mindfulness, Insight, Liberation - MBCT & MBSR Foundations
2017-07-17 In Praise of the Peaceful Heart 53:38
The value and practice of equanimity.
Being in This World
2017-07-15 Being in This World with Dharma Lenses 53:09
Some thoughts on what it means to "be in this world" from the perspective of the Buddha's teachings.
Being in This World
2017-05-20 Noticing Feeling Tones 53:37
How mindfulness of the changing nature of feeling tone (vedana) can help to reverse the escalation of stress and suffering
Awakening Here and Now
2017-04-17 Guided Meditation on the Four Directions, Above & Below 24:08
Freeing Your Heart, Embracing Your Life
2017-04-16 Guided Meditation on Sympathetic Joy Pt 2 25:55
Freeing Your Heart, Embracing Your Life

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