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Martin Aylward's Dharma Talks at Gaia House
Martin Aylward
2017-09-16 Morning Teachings - Meditation and the Nature of Experience 67:13
Meditation instruction for attending to the fluidity of experience, for tracking the naturally unfolding nature of phenomena in body, heart, mind and world.
Awakening in Stillness and Movement
2017-09-15 Meditating in the Chitta Field 1:17:51
These morning meditation instructions explore the expanding of attention, to including the various elements of emotional experience and mental states that colour consciousness.
Awakening in Stillness and Movement
2017-09-15 On Happiness, Joy, Fulfillment and Freeness 45:30
Martin explores resources for wellbeing, noting the importance of being nourished and uplifted by our practice, in order for it to be sustainable. He looks at the nature of happiness and our relationship to pleasure; the practice of opening up to joy, and points to ways in which dharma practice is fulfilling and freeing.
Awakening in Stillness and Movement
2017-09-14 Healing Layers of Dukkha 47:12
Martin explores the layers of Basic Dukkha, Reactive Dukkha and Judgemental Dukkha; exploring how they show up in different areas of our experience and pointing to different ways of meeting, exploring and healing our relationship with painful experience.
Awakening in Stillness and Movement
2017-09-14 Morning Teachings - Meditating with Physical Discomfort 1:11:12
Some advice on working with physical and postural discomfort, as well as with meditative discomfort, the heat and tensions that show up when we meditate, as we process the unwinding of various somatized patterns and emotional residue.
Awakening in Stillness and Movement
2017-09-13 An Embodied Look at Consciousness 39:25
Martin explores the two pali terms for consciousness - Vinnyana and Chitta. He looks at their functioning in experience, and how we can inhabit our conscious experience to as to meet, explore and understand it better.
Awakening in Stillness and Movement
2017-09-13 Morning Teachings - Meditation is Right Here 53:19
Martin explores the ground of meditation practice as the right-here-ness of experience and awareness. He points to an embodied practice, opening ourselves up to an availability to whatever presents itself.
Awakening in Stillness and Movement
2017-09-12 Giving it Back to Nature - Opening Talk 28:12
Martin speaks about Ajahn Buddhadasa and his description of practice as giving back to nature what we have wrongly appropriated from her.
Awakening in Stillness and Movement
2017-03-11 Morning Instructions and Guided Meditation 46:10
Freely abiding awareness, freely unfolding experience.
Your Life is Your Teacher
2017-03-10 Afternoon Teachings: A Generous Spirit 42:13
We look at the kinds of attitudes we habitually bring to our practice, seeing the inertia and familiarity of unwholesome attitudes or spirits. We then explore the power of a generous spirit, or the practice of Dana, as a foundation for happiness.
Your Life is Your Teacher

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