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Martin Aylward's Dharma Talks at Gaia House
Martin Aylward
2019-03-17 Freely Knowing 46:55
These talks build on one another and work well as a series. This talk looks at the inherently knowing nature of mind. Martin looks at the way we get stuck in knowledge, or knowing about, and generate anxiety and a sense of deficiency about not knowing. He invites us beyond conventional knowing into non-conceptual awareness, and the direct knowing of whatever is happening.
Freeness and Friction: How We Meet Ourselves and the World
2019-03-16 Freely Abiding 50:01
These talks build on one another and work well as a series. In this talk Martin explores the capacity to inhabit experience, to be with experience from the inside; to abide in the midst of what is happening. The talk uses the storm that is raging outside the hall as an example of sitting steadily in the midst of turbulence, and all that swirls around our attention.
Freeness and Friction: How We Meet Ourselves and the World
2018-10-10 Meeting it All - Contact, Curiosity, Care 43:07
Martin looks at these Curiosity qualities as both inherent qualities of awareness, and qualities we can support and cultivate in each moment, whether in meditation or daily activity, in silence or in communication.
Awakening in Stillness and Movement
2018-10-09 Inhabiting the Fields of Experience 42:14
This talk looks at expanding fields of presence, exploring the composites of experience (khanda) through inhabiting the 'body-field', the 'citta-field' and a whole, or all-inclusive field of experience.
Awakening in Stillness and Movement
2018-10-07 The Dharma and the Drama 43:18
Martin explores the meaning of dharma as Nature. What would it be like to meet all our experience as natural? To let in all that arises so as to meet and explore the whole of experience. And what of the drama that we generate? Maybe, the more we can make room for our inner dramas, the less hold they might have over us.
Awakening in Stillness and Movement
2018-04-01 A Path of Free-ness 41:56
This talk looks at different freedoms - social, worldly and spiritual, and explores Buddhas 3-fold training of Conduct, Meditation and Wisdom as a path of freeness.
The Art of Living Freely
2018-03-31 Journey to Inner Space - Understanding Functions of the Mind 47:30
In this talk, Maritn disambiguates various terms of meditative awareness in both English and Pali, helping to refine the way we meet and explore experience: Consciousness, Awareness, Presence, Attention, Vinnana, Sampajanna, Sati, Yonisomanisikara, Samadhi, Vitaka, Vichara, Viveka.
The Art of Living Freely
2018-03-30 Life is Out of Control ! 46:14
Martin explores the various ways we attempt to control our experience and the psychology behind our controlling tendencies, and points to how dharma practice can both lead to wise restraint, and to the liberation of relinquishing control over our lives.
The Art of Living Freely
2018-03-29 Livestreaming Through Awareness 42:42
Buddhas teachings use the image of a stream in two different senses: Going against the stream of our habits and reactivity, and entering the stream of awakened practice and understanding. Martin uses this talk to explore and connect the two, and to point to the way life streams through awareness.
The Art of Living Freely
2017-09-16 Question and Answer Session 54:13
Martin answers questions from students on the closing night of the retreat. Subjects covered include Martins own relationship to dharma practice, questions about integration, exploring Buddhist teachings and working with various obstacles.
Awakening in Stillness and Movement

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