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Nathan Glyde's Dharma Talks at Gaia House
Nathan Glyde
Nathan Glyde has been practicing and studying meditation since 1997, and sharing teachings on retreats since 2007. In 2004 he co-founded SanghaSeva whose retreats emphasise wisdom and compassion in ecological and humanitarian service.
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2020-05-29 Saṅkhāra Dharma Going Forward 30:54
Continuation, Crossing the Threshold, or more commonly called Closing Talk of our retreat. Gathering our insights, transferring our practice, and going forth.
Waking the heart, Expanding the world
2020-05-28 Metta for a Sangha of All Beings 42:04
Opening our sense of community to expand to include more and more of the world.
Waking the heart, Expanding the world
2020-05-28 Day 3 - Meditation Instructions - Open Palm Attention 51:56
Expanding the world through skilful wholesome modes of relating. When there is an object in attention there is always some degree of push or pull happening. The contraction is what holds attention there. It is not something we’re doing wrong, it is the nature of experience. What happens when we invite an opening in the contraction, either in the body sense, or the sense of awareness, or by bringing in a bit more metta in the atmosphere of attending?
Waking the heart, Expanding the world
2020-05-27 Metta Undefined 42:58
Letting metta be expansive, unconstrained, vaster than vast, beyond boundaries, so that it can fabricate more and more well-being. Metta is an expression and experience of non-dukkha, it is a skilful delightful way of relating that brings wellbeing, it is a compass for practice, and it is so much more too.
Waking the heart, Expanding the world
2020-05-26 Metta to Self or Other (with chanting) 43:44
Starts with a 'Zoom video call' based metta practice, then some Pali metta chanting (around 13 mins in), then a guided metta practice towards oneself or another. Pali: Sabbe sattā sukhitā hontu. Sabbe sattā averā hontu. Sabbe sattā abyāpajjhā hontu. Sabbe sattā anighā hontu. Sabbe sattā sukhi attānaa pariharantu.
Waking the heart, Expanding the world
2020-05-26 Day 1 - Meditation Instructions - Easing Bodily Fabrication 50:38
The importance of setting intention, bodily fabrication, seeing things as anicca–changing, and making incremental changes…to changeable experience.
Waking the heart, Expanding the world
2020-05-25 Expanding Possibilities 35:36
Exploring the appearance of all phenomena from an understanding of naive realism and fabrication. Then opening to a path of radical transformation developed from incremental change.
Waking the heart, Expanding the world
2020-05-16 Heart of Possibilities - Talk 44:28
Awakening the heart from limitation also opens us to a sense of boundlessness. What is it to see the Dharma as an exploration of release through lessening our built up and heavily fabricated experiences? How would it be to see this path as a way to fabricate less and less dukkha–distress and self-centredness, and to liberate all appearances?
Online Dharma Hall
2020-05-16 Heart of Possibilities - Guided Meditation 19:46
Part 1 of 2: A guided meditation exploring how the way we relate to what is arising affects what arises.
Online Dharma Hall
2020-05-08 All Fabricated Things are Anicca 35:45
How do we fabricate our experience by habitually seeing in terms of permanence and constancy? What happens in terms of 'dukkha' when we allow our sense of self and phenomena to become more ephemeral? How does our sense of time change, and how does changing that change experience?
Living Fearlessly With Change - Closing Retreat

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