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Nathan Glyde's Dharma Talks at Gaia House
Nathan Glyde
Nathan Glyde has been practicing and studying meditation since 1997, and sharing teachings on retreats since 2007. In 2004 he co-founded SanghaSeva whose retreats emphasise wisdom and compassion in ecological and humanitarian service.
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2023-05-06 Unstuck in the Middle 1:23:23
Finding a middle way between dukkha extremes. Includes a mention of as a way of exploring this theme in the whole of our life. Includes a guided meditation, talk, and discussion (in which only responses are recorded)
Gaia House Online Dharma Hall - May 2023
2023-04-29 What You Imagine You Can Do 1:23:55
Using our imagination is useful for extending the range of what feels and thereby is possible for us. Yet, we might feel (or imagine) like the teachings and practices we do are to be with reality more directly than via imagination. But, is it that even possible?
Gaia House Online Dharma Hall - Apr 2023
2023-04-16 Beyond Belief: Questioning Vedanā 1:43:18
A guided meditation, Dharma reflection, and the answers (only) to some questions on the theme. Vedanā is not an easy word to translate, (maybe Niceness Opinion gets close). Yet, it is a very subtle and significant teaching, about a very subtle and significant event-maker, that when followed through with, a subtle and significant freedom becomes available for us. In this practice session, we will uncover the subliminal happening of vedanā, drop our rigid belief in what it commands, and create unbelievable well-being through a more skilful way of relating to it, and to all life.
Gaia House Online Dharma Hall - Apr 2023
2023-04-02 Opening the Realm of Opportunities 1:21:02
Seeing how we can change our internal experience through the ways we attend and relate to them. Is this available in the whole of our life? A session in Gaia House's Online Dharma Hall: meditation, reflection, with answers to questions (questions not recorded, but referred to).
Gaia House Online Dharma Hall - Apr 2023
2023-03-25 Suffusing Quality through Sufficient Quantity 1:21:10
Keeping the practice of cultivation alive in and between meditations. Guided meditation, talk, and the responses to questions
Gaia House Online Dharma Hall - Mar 2023
2023-03-11 Inestimable Esteem 1:18:01
There is always a sense of self-esteem operating, affected by and affecting how we evaluate, and how much we value and care about ourselves. Self-esteem also influences our perception of the world, as we see through the self-esteem flavoured view. When this flows into self-confidence (or lack thereof) we see how significant how much we back ourselves to act in the world, further shapes the world. Our real potential naturally lies beyond whatever constricted views, and blind spots (assumptions and presumptions) we inevitably have. Knowing we can, and how we can shape the self-esteem view, is another step on the path of freedom.
Gaia House Online Dharma Hall - Mar 2023
2023-02-18 About A Bout o' Doubt 1:24:34
The hindrances are essential to notice, and to question, to gently challenge their view. Doubt is one of the most pernicious hindrances: anytime we consider stopping or not starting our practice, it is doubt declaring confidently: "there is nothing here for you, no liberation, no beauty, no meaningfulness". But there is! Guided meditation, and Dharma reflection, with just the answer to some questions at the end.
Gaia House Online Dharma Hall - Feb 2023
2023-02-11 Seeing Change Changes Seeing (Anicca) 1:23:40
Looking into the insight of inconstancy (anicca). When we look for anicca we find everything is anicca, when we don't, most everything isn't seen that way. Anicca supports letting go: this way of looking is useful for freedom. Leading on from that, due to the importance of feeling free and knowing freedom, when we're honest, usefulness in our way of perceiving is more important than the truth or not of it. Letting go of truth claims (without losing our honest integrity) opens up even more creativity to apply even more liberating ways of looking. Includes: Guided Meditation (30 mins); Dharma Reflection (30 mins); Answers to Questions (questions not recorded).
Gaia House Online Dharma Hall - Feb 2023
2023-02-01 Guided Meditation 40:25
Mettā to phenomena.
Gaia House Mettā and Insight
2023-02-01 Morning Instructions 62:14
Anattā way of looking practice.
Gaia House Mettā and Insight

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