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Retreat Dharma Talks at Gaia House

A Path of Connection - Young Person's Retreat

Through meditation there can arise a deep sense of belonging and reconnection with life and what matters, beyond our usual distractions. In the teachings of the Buddhist tradition, the word that is usually translated as ‘meditation’ can also be translated as ‘cultivation’ or ‘bringing into being’. This leads to the question: what do we want to cultivate in our lives? Through the support of instructions, talks, guided meditations and small group discussions, this three night retreat is an opportunity to be in silence together, switch off our phones and rest, relax and re-connect with our embodied experience.

Our intention is to create a diverse, equitable and inclusive community, and we aim to make the retreat as accessible and welcoming as possible. To support this, we offer optional affinity sessions for those who identify as BIPOC and for those who identify as LGBTQIAP+.

2024-04-19 (4 days) Gaia House

2024-04-20 Instructions - Connecting and Returning to Anchors, Walking Practice Guidance 50:52
River Wolton
2024-04-20 Guided Meditation - Absorbing Friendliness From Trees and Other Beings 23:59
River Wolton
2024-04-20 Dharma Talk - Meditation is Not About You 39:54
Bernat Font
2024-04-21 Instructions - Meeting Ourselves with Kind Spaciousness, Gently Questioning. 37:41
Bernat Font
2024-04-21 Talk - Cultivating the Ground of Friendliness 55:21
River Wolton
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