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gift of the teachings
Retreat Dharma Talks at Gaia House

Family Retreat

This retreat welcomes adults and children of all ages for a long weekend of Dharma teachings, meditation, discussion groups, games and sharing responsibilities.

2023-05-27 (4 days) Gaia House

2023-05-28 Early Morning Meditation, with the Teens Group 28:39
Sari Markkanen
2023-05-28 Morning Instructions and Meditation 52:02
Gavin Milne
Wise Attitude and Oneness.
2023-05-28 Afternoon Session (Guidance, Chanting) 25:37
Gavin Milne, Sari Markkanen
2023-05-28 Evening Session 47:26
Sari Markkanen
Brahma Viharas and Self Compassion, Mettā Meditation.
2023-05-29 Early Morning Meditation - with Teens Group 15:59
Gavin Milne
2023-05-29 Morning Instructions 40:47
Sari Markkanen
Pacticing Mettā
2023-05-29 Meditation and the Garden of Life - Raising Children & Equanimity 36:48
Gavin Milne
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