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Retreat Dharma Talks at Gaia House

Meditation Day - Home in Awareness

Life can often feel like a non-stop juggling of present, future and even past circumstances, where we somehow never quite arrive at where we need to be - perhaps more so in troubled and challenging times like these.

And yet past and future don’t exist - there is just this. The Buddha's path is one of waking up fully to this - the only place that peace and liberation can be found, and wise and compassionate responses to life can occur; the type the world seems to be needing from us right now. In this way, no situation is that different from another, and it is possible to be increasingly awake to them all. So this timeless sensitive awareness is our practice, but it can also become our abiding home - the only place we need to be.

In this day of practice, we connect with and nurture this inner home, as well as the intention to be more awake to our whole unfolding life. Making use of the support of a day in silence to calm and resource for a time, we also reflect on some of the possibilities this profound boundless quality offers ourselves and the world at this time.

2022-09-19 (1 day) Gaia House

2022-09-19 Introduction and Instructions 59:49
Gavin Milne
Recognising awareness and non-clinging.
2022-09-19 Awareness as the Journey and the Destination 34:42
Gavin Milne
2022-09-19 The Nature of the Path 33:57
Gavin Milne
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