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Retreat Dharma Talks at Gaia House

Open for Insight (online retreat)

An experience of insight can be like a revelation - a sudden ‘aha’ moment into our interconnected nature, arising out of our interconnected nature, in the here and now. It can change our lives, and in doing so change the world.

It is not something we can make happen in a moment, but something that can visit if we put down our arguments with life, give attention to what is, and relax into simply being. In this way, it is not separate from the flow of life itself. It is not separate from the healing of life itself. Beyond a wise set of practices for wellbeing, the Buddha’s path opens us to this liberating and transformative Insight.

In this spacious practice weekend, we explore the noble turning of the heart towards simplicity, both in formal practice, and informally. Including, if you wish, time being and receiving life outdoors. Less pursuing, less distraction, and less agitation. Through this noble turning towards less rather than more, we start to steady the water of our heart and open to insight. In its clear reflection, as Rumi says, the world can become ‘too full to talk about’.

Teachings and guidance are offered in the morning and the evening, with the rest of the days free to explore in walking, light tasks, time outside and rest. The open schedule also presents an ideal opportunity to embed this practice orientation into your daily life.

2022-07-01 (3 days) Gaia House

2022-07-02 Instructions and Guided Meditation 48:08
Gavin Milne
The Body and the puppy dog mind.
2022-07-02 Dharma Talk - Finding Our Way Home 42:48
Gavin Milne
2022-07-03 Instructions and Guided Meditation 51:58
Gavin Milne
Uncovering the refuge of awareness.
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