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Retreat Dharma Talks at Gaia House

The Indriya: Allies for Liberation

An 11 day in person retreat with Ajahn Sucitto and Laura Bridgman

2022-05-20 (11 days) Gaia House

2022-05-22 Body Work 26:23
Laura Bridgman
A combination of massage and tapping techniques to relax the body.
2022-05-22 Further Reflections on Energy - Viriya 19:39
Laura Bridgman
We use practice as a process of discovery, of learning in this moment, with no agenda starting with inner listening, meeting the not yet known.
2022-05-22 Q&A 36:14
Ajahn Sucitto, Laura Bridgman
2022-05-23 Guided Standing Meditation 40:06
Ajahn Sucitto
With standing it's difficult to drift off. Feeling connection to and the strength of the ground and using the bones for support rather than muscle.
2022-05-23 Sati - The Third Indriya 56:19
Ajahn Sucitto
Sati-mindfulness, or bearing in mind – is the third indriya. It is a powerful ally for liberation. With this we come out of old habits and find freshness, meaning, potency. You feel where your strength arises.
2022-05-24 Guided Standing Meditation 50:40
Ajahn Sucitto
Standing form is a powerful way to bring one into the realities of embodiment which can be taken then to sitting or walking.
2022-05-24 Currents in the Citta - Sati 54:00
Ajahn Sucitto
Considering the structures of the day we can release those that are not useful and direct them to discover citta and an inner balance, not just 'the next thing'.
2022-05-24 Composure and Equanimity 46:54
Laura Bridgman
Composure is an inner experience of what's arising, not dependent on our normal preferences and reactions. Sometimes called vipassana we’re aware subtle or strong currents, noticing and not reacting.
2022-05-24 Q&A 38:32
Ajahn Sucitto, Laura Bridgman
Questions are précised and some are read later into the file to protect participants’ anonymity. 00:00 Your explanation of sati as putting a ring around proliferation makes sense to me. How best to do the ring-fencing? 12:46 Q2 Does the Buddha say what the purpose of human life is? 17:39 Q3 What happens when you die? 22:37 Q4 Could you speak more about citta resting in itself. 27:24 Q5 Am I trying to do too much when holding a sense of ground and releasing boundaries for myself? 30:20 Q6 Boundaries in relationships when caring for elderly parents.
2022-05-25 Sati-sampajañña - Clearing Hindrances 60:12
Ajahn Sucitto
Hindrances can be cleared through ‘mindful direct awareness’ – sati sampajañña. Such working through what blocks the potential of citta, demands humility, since it is not one’s personal self doing the work. Body is a key and potent resource.
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