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Retreat Dharma Talks at Gaia House

Insight Meditation and Yoga

Meditation and yoga are natural partners in the spiritual life. Drawing on the Buddha’s teachings of mindfulness and awakening, and the yoga teachings of Patanjali, this retreat will combine the practices of hatha yoga and Insight Meditation.

The yoga is offered as a spiritual path rather than simply an exercise system. Slow, precise movement attuned with the flow of breath enables practitioners to move safely into and out of posture. Through the practice of meditative awareness the body becomes a gateway to inner peace and understanding, enabling us to open into an intimate connection with life.

These recordings are of Dharma Talks and Sitting Meditation Instructions.

2022-04-13 (6 days) Gaia House

2022-04-14 Instructions & Guided Meditation 45:04
River Wolton
Grounding, breathing & soothing.
2022-04-14 Dharma Talk - Kindfulness of Body 41:42
River Wolton
2022-04-15 Instructions & Guided Meditation 41:03
River Wolton
The five hindrances as coverings.
2022-04-15 Dharma Talk - You Place in Existence 49:16
Helen Stephenson
2022-04-16 Reflections and Guided Meditation 41:48
River Wolton
The ground of metta.
2022-04-16 Dharma Talks - Joy as Sustenance for Compassion 36:47
River Wolton
2022-04-17 Reflections & Guided Meditation 39:09
River Wolton
2022-04-17 Dharma Talk - Returning to the Source 47:40
Helen Stephenson
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