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Retreat Dharma Talks at Gaia House

The Beauty of Being

“A human life infused with natural beauty, a fulfilling life, means to develop a taste for certain values; a taste for truth, depth and simply being. These qualities are present all the time, you don’t have to achieve them, you just need to appreciate them and orient yourself towards them so that you allow yourself the time and opportunity for them to emerge.”

This retreat explored the possibility of being grounded in the natural goodness of being; supporting the possibility of mind-heart-body fullness, unwind our physical and mental contractions, the unveiling of our boundless nature as well as the warmth, beauty and wisdom of the body.

2019-11-15 (8 days) Gaia House

2019-11-16 First Morning, Instructions 27:58
Leela Sarti
2019-11-16 Dharma Talk - Dukkha and Lightheartedness 49:55
Leela Sarti
2019-11-17 Second Morning, Instructions 48:07
Gavin Milne
2019-11-17 Guided Meditation 27:47
Leela Sarti
2019-11-17 Dharma Talk - Effortlessness 55:53
Leela Sarti
In this recording Leela Sarti is in conversation with her Guest Teacher on the retreat.
2019-11-18 Third Morning, Instructions 39:16
Leela Sarti
2019-11-18 Guided Loving kindness Meditation 29:48
Leela Sarti
2019-11-19 Dharma Talk - Desire and Belonging 54:12
Leela Sarti
2019-11-20 Fifth Morning - Instructions 38:16
Leela Sarti
This recording also includes Gavin Milne
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