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Yuka Nakamura's Dharma Talks at Gaia House
Yuka Nakamura
Yuka Nakamura has practiced Buddhist meditation since 1993 in the Theravada, Dzogchen and Zen traditions, and has been trained as a teacher by Fred von Allmen. Living in Switzerland, she teaches meditation and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction.
2020-09-25 Evening Practice 56:03
Dharma Talk: Dancing Between Self and Not Self. One of the discoveries that can open up to us is the discovery that there is not just one, true self, but the arising of many different selves at different times, depending on context, depending on mindstates. We understand the relational and dependent nature of self. This is the middle way between the views of eternalism and annihilationism.
The Poetry of Self, The Poetry of Not Self
2020-09-23 Evening Practice 69:23
Dharma Talk: How is our sense of self being created? One major way is our tendency to constantly compare and measure ourselves against others. The conceit (mana) that arises, that is, the feeling of being better than, worse than, or the same as others, is the source of much suffering. The talk discusses different forms of conceit based on birth, knowledge, beauty, etc., and shows ways in which we can practice with it skilfully.
The Poetry of Self, The Poetry of Not Self
2018-08-03 How to Train an Elephant - The Hindrances in Meditation 64:50
Journeying the Landscape of Body, Heart and Mind

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