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Bernat Font-Clos's Dharma Talks at Gaia House
Bernat Font-Clos
Bernat Font Clos met the dharma at a very young age and has practiced in Europe, India and Myanmar, gradually putting aside his artistic career. He completed his dharma teacher training with the Bodhi College in 2022, mentored by Stephen Batchelor, and is doing a PhD in Buddhist Studies. He guides a small sangha in his native Barcelona and teaches in English, Catalan and Spanish.
2022-07-31 Dharma Talk - Collectedness, Wisdom and Fluidity 40:22
Collectedness (samādhi) beyond focus, in its 3 aspects: the attentional, the ethical and the flexible. Using water metaphors and the simile of the goldsmith (AN 3.101/102).
Rainbow Dharma: a retreat for the LGBTQI+ community
2022-07-29 Instructions: Main elements of practice 40:08
Based on the satipaṭṭhāna 'definition'
Rainbow Dharma: a retreat for the LGBTQI+ community

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