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Kittisaro's Dharma Talks at Gaia House
Kittisaro, from Tennessee, a Rhodes Scholar and a Buddhist practitioner for over 35 years including 15 years as a Theravada monk in the Forest School of Ajahn Chah. He is also a practitioner of Pure Land and Chan Buddhism. He is co-founder, with Thanissara of Dharmagiri Sacred Mountain Retreat in South Africa and has completed two year long retreats. Kittisaro currently lives in the North Bay, California, teaches at IMS and Spirit Rock, and is co-author of Listening to the Heart, A Contemplative Journey to Engaged Buddhism. He lives in the North Bay CA, and is on the Teacher Council at Spirit Rock, and is a core teacher at IMS.
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2016-08-16 Gradual Path, Immediate Realization 64:35
Aspects of path activity. A patient process of transformation. From hearing, study, practice to being Dharma.
Gaia House From Separation to Seamless Reality
2016-08-16 Group Recitation (Chanting) 25:48
Recollection of Qualities of Refuge in Pali. 5 Subjects of Frequent Recollection. Cultivation of Well Being. Highest Blessings (Mangala Sutta). 4 Brahma Viharas(Divine Abiding). Heart Sutra. Great Compassion Mantra.
Gaia House From Separation to Seamless Reality
2016-08-14 Form and Emptiness, Perfectly Fused 59:41
Recognition of the Deathless Element. Nibbana. Radical reflection. Two roots of the mind. Source of thought. What remains?
Gaia House From Separation to Seamless Reality
2016-08-12 Do Everything with a Mind That Lets Go 55:26
Seeing states of mind turn rather than being turned by them. Skillful relationship with primary elements of experience. Insight into change. Danger of making others . The Buddhas conversation with the deva Sakka. The mark of I.
Gaia House From Separation to Seamless Reality
2016-08-10 Let the Alchemy Happen 55:28
Using the forms of practice for contemplation of experience. Patterning of mind. Buddhas journey. The vanity of health, youth and life. Working through personal sickness. Samadhi.
Gaia House From Separation to Seamless Reality
2012-09-28 Dharma as Medicine 61:25
Who "knows" blesses - entering simplicity - letting go balanced by embracing - this heart is responsive.
Gaia House Touching the Earth
2012-09-27 Taste of Peace 35:11
End of creation - methods into realization of the deathless
Gaia House Touching the Earth
2012-09-26 Touching Nibbana 60:44
Mula Sutta - impermanence as gateway - the unmoving - you wont find the wise one "out there."
Gaia House Touching the Earth
2012-09-25 Rooted in Prescence 36:48
Training the heart through Samadhi & Jhana factors (morning instructions)
Gaia House Touching the Earth
2012-09-24 Arriving Here - Touching the Earth Retreat 64:58
Arriving into here and now - Blessing chants - Kittisaro, Thanissara & Jaya
Gaia House Touching the Earth

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