The greatest gift is the
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The Heart Centre and Earthly Awakening
2014-10-21 The Heart Centre and Earthly Awakening 48:52
Leela Sarti
The heart is where things are made personal. The outrageous heart puts gentle, clear pressure on all our defenses and structures. To learn to stay with things, with presence, opens the heart to its true capacity, opens our life and accelerates our metabolization of experience.As we open to life we can rediscover our belonging to the ancient and venerable sangha of all beings. Craving, aversion and delusion within the human mind and heart is the root cause of our own suffering, and the cause of global destruction of land, of water and beings. We can make our heart and mind a good place to live. For our own well-being and for the love of the earth and the divesity of beings.
Gaia House Embodying the Awakened Heart

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