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Speaking the Truth in Meditation. Listening Deeply
2014-10-03 Speaking the Truth in Meditation. Listening Deeply 44:49
Gregory Kramer
In meditation, the truth is the truth of experience. To speak the truth, mindfulness is essential; its the only way experience can be known. This talk tracks the act of speaking from the wordless beginnings, through the tension behind the urge to speak (even innocuous speech), an onto the physical act. When the thread of sati is maintained, there is a natural authenticity, a coherence between experience and its symbolization in words. The deep of Listen Deeply is likewise traced, with mindfulness and concentration making possible a continuity of awareness. When such listening and speaking meet, the mind-to-mind transmission is of a different order from ordinary speech.
Gaia House Insight Dialogue and Bhava - Becoming and Identification

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