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Retreat Dharma Talks at Gaia House

Samadhi - Cultivating the Collected Mind

The cultivation of samadhi is an essential foundation for developing inner stillness, a mind creative and reflective, inclined toward insight.

During this online retreat there are extended periods of teaching, times for questions, and periods of formal practice.

2023-09-09 (1 day) Gaia House

2023-09-09 Morning Session (Part 1) 57:07
Christina Feldman
Opening Talk for the Retreat
2023-09-09 Morning Session (Part 2) 28:09
Christina Feldman
2023-09-09 Afternoon Session (Part 1) 27:15
Christina Feldman
2023-09-09 Afternoon Session (Part 2) 43:21
Christina Feldman
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