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Retreat Dharma Talks at Gaia House

Looking and Seeing: How we Experience the World

What is the difference between looking and seeing? Looking tends to happen automatically; our attention caught by one thing then another, driven by a thirst for experience. As we become conscious of this without judgment, we may notice that seeing is effortlessly already happening, as if we are home, at ease and content, our attention no longer pulled out and caught in a restless seeking.

This retreat offers an experiential exploration of looking and seeing as a means of understanding the difference between being caught in automatic ways of operating and resting in a wider receptive view.

2023-08-26 (3 days) Gaia House

2023-08-26 The Metaphor of Looking & Seeing; 1st Contemplative Exercise 49:57
Laura Bridgman, Tony O'Connor
2023-08-27 Contemplating Thoughts & Inner Activity; 2nd Contemplative Exercise 16:41
Laura Bridgman
2023-08-27 Contemplating Feeling Tone & Automatic Reaction; 3rd Contemplative Exercise 36:02
Tony O'Connor
2023-08-27 The Nuances of Contemplating Craving 24:49
Laura Bridgman
2023-08-28 Being with What Is, and Possibility 25:21
Tony O'Connor
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