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Retreat Dharma Talks at Gaia House

Deep Ground Practice

Ah, to be grounded in the depth of timeless presence, in daily life, amidst the changing sands of experience.

In cultivating a quality of restful wakefulness, that embraces each moment of our life with acceptance and wisdom, we can make intimate contact with the natural world, and the very nature of things. We inquire into how to live a life of deep ground, being yourself in peace with others, and yet doing what needs to be done.

With a spirit of kindness, we engage in meditative practices that support realignment and embodiment. Insight Meditation practice is supported by instructions, guided meditations, Loving-Kindness meditation, being in nature, and regular meetings with the teachers.

2023-08-15 (8 days) Gaia House

2023-08-16 Willfulness, and Basic Trust 48:11
Leela Sarti
2023-08-17 Exploring the Barriers to Grounded Presence 49:26
Leela Sarti
2023-08-18 The Heart as a Gateway to Ground 48:00
Leela Sarti
2023-08-19 Exploring Subtle Aspects of the Groundless Ground 48:19
Leela Sarti
2023-08-20 Ground in Daily Life 55:00
Leela Sarti
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