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Retreat Dharma Talks at Gaia House

Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind

This Zen retreat explores Shunryu Suzuki’s Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind. As well as sitting and walking meditation, Ingen’s Zen in Motion set of exercises will be held each day, outdoors if the weather permits. There are also opportunities to discuss the theme of the retreat. The retreat progressively includes Soto Zen ceremony, and the more experienced participants have the opportunity to refine ceremonial roles such as doan, kokyo, jikko. For this retreat, it is helpful if you already have a meditation practice, but not essential as it is suitable for all levels of experience.

2023-04-25 (6 days) Gaia House

2023-04-26 Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind (1) 40:53
Ingen Breen
2023-04-27 Zen Mind Beginner's Mind (2) 50:09
Ingen Breen
2023-04-28 Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind (3) 43:53
Ingen Breen
2023-04-29 Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind (4) 54:09
Ingen Breen
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