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Retreat Dharma Talks at Gaia House

Exploring What Is

All too often in our daily lives we are gripped by a stressfulness or unease– feeling a sense of lack and incompleteness we strain towards some imagined future circumstance which we hope will provide relief.

However, the essence of practice is to see and know as purely as we can our direct experience in the moment, finding resolution right within what IS, rather than trying to push past our current circumstances.

On this retreat we settle into being present with what IS, investigating our experience - so that the deeper layers of being can become apparent, and the need to strive for something “other” is allayed.

2023-05-16 (6 days) Gaia House

2023-05-16 Opening Session, Guided Meditation, Precepts 50:52
Laura Bridgman
This recording also includes Alan Lewis
2023-05-17 Guided Meditation 26:08
Alan Lewis
Working with awareness and change.
2023-05-17 Even Strong Feelings Change 37:51
Alan Lewis
2023-05-18 Skilfully Working with Mindstates 58:37
Laura Bridgman
2023-05-19 Reclaiming Awareness 42:11
Alan Lewis
2023-05-20 Benevolent Will - How We Apply Effort 58:14
Laura Bridgman
2023-05-21 Closing Session for the Retreat 59:34
Alan Lewis, Laura Bridgman
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