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Retreat Dharma Talks at Gaia House

Online Dharma Hall - Feb 2023

2023-02-01 (28 days) Gaia House

2023-02-11 Seeing Change Changes Seeing (Anicca) 1:23:40
Nathan Glyde
Looking into the insight of inconstancy (anicca). When we look for anicca we find everything is anicca, when we don't, most everything isn't seen that way. Anicca supports letting go: this way of looking is useful for freedom. Leading on from that, due to the importance of feeling free and knowing freedom, when we're honest, usefulness in our way of perceiving is more important than the truth or not of it. Letting go of truth claims (without losing our honest integrity) opens up even more creativity to apply even more liberating ways of looking. Includes: Guided Meditation (30 mins); Dharma Reflection (30 mins); Answers to Questions (questions not recorded).
2023-02-18 About A Bout o' Doubt 1:24:34
Nathan Glyde
The hindrances are essential to notice, and to question, to gently challenge their view. Doubt is one of the most pernicious hindrances: anytime we consider stopping or not starting our practice, it is doubt declaring confidently: "there is nothing here for you, no liberation, no beauty, no meaningfulness". But there is! Guided meditation, and Dharma reflection, with just the answer to some questions at the end.
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