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gift of the teachings
Retreat Dharma Talks at Gaia House

Online Dharma Hall - Jul 2022

2022-07-01 (31 days) Gaia House

2022-07-02 Undivided Attention 1:26:47
Nathan Glyde
How much of our lives do we live distracted and dispersed? Diverted away from being gathered, sensitive, and present. When we divide our attention, we move away from wholesomeness and fulfilment. We drift from freedom into dukkha. Guided meditation and talk with questions and responses in the Online Dharma Hall of Gaia House.
2022-07-09 One Moment Many Times 1:26:26
Nathan Glyde
There is only this one moment to meet well. Listening in to the Buddha's teachings, we find a repeating theme of fully sustaining awakening qualities over many moments. How can we maintain insight lenses, virtuous activity, or gathered well-being for a single day?
2022-07-23 A Perception of Reality 1:27:37
Nathan Glyde
It is natural and right to take reality as independently real, but every perception is the best guess of what reality is. We know a prediction, rather than a fact. This invites a freedom to shape our self and world towards an ethical liberation.
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