The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Retreat Dharma Talks at Gaia House

Foundations of Dharma practice: what the Buddha taught.

This 6-session online evening course offers an overview of some key teachings from the early Buddhist tradition, emphasising their practical relevance for both meditation and daily life practice. We explore ways to understand and approach some key teachings, within the broad framework of the four ‘noble truths’ and eightfold path, and how these underpin a transformative practice. Each evening includes some guided meditation and reflection practice as well as talks and discussion, and there are suggestions for contemplation and practice in between sessions.

The course is suitable for people who are relatively new to Buddhist practice as well as people who are experienced in meditation but feel they would benefit from a refresher of the fundamental ideas of Buddhist philosophy and psychology. Each week builds on previous ones.

2022-03-07 (43 days) Gaia House

2022-03-07 Week 1 - Overview and Guided Meditation 52:43
Jenny Wilks
The four Truths / Tasks, and the three levels of wisdom. Guided Meditation - Introduction to reflection and guided practice This recording also includes Laura Bridgman
2022-03-14 Week 2 - Dharma Talk and Guided Meditation 56:11
Laura Bridgman
Dukkha as the first Noble Truth and the second characteristic Guided Meditation on the Four Tasks This recording also includes Jenny Wilks
2022-03-21 Week 3 - Dharma Talk 25:16
Jenny Wilks
Impermanence and dependent arising.
2022-03-21 Week 3 - Guided Meditation 23:14
Laura Bridgman
Contemplating pleasant / unpleasant, and noticing change.
2022-04-04 Week 4 - Guided Meditation 27:16
Jenny Wilks
The four elements.
2022-04-04 Week 4 - Dharma Talk 30:25
Laura Bridgman
Not-self, emptiness & dependent arising.
2022-04-11 Week 5 - Guided Meditation 27:09
Laura Bridgman
Intention, effort & stabilising.
2022-04-11 Week 5 - Dharma Talk 30:54
Jenny Wilks
The eight-fold path.
2022-04-18 Dharma Talk 26:28
Jenny Wilks
Summary of what we have covered: the four truths and the three characteristics. This recording also includes Laura Bridgman.
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