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Retreat Dharma Talks at Gaia House

Online Dharma Hall - Feb 2022

2022-02-01 (28 days) Gaia House

2022-02-05 A Wise and Kind Way of Seeing All Things as Unsatisfactory 1:26:10
Nathan Glyde
All changing and unreliable phenomena are neither satisfactory nor dissatisfactory. They neither contain the ingredients for contentment nor for distress. It is in the way of relating to them that the tangle of dukkha (distress) arises, or the openness of freedom, well-being, and happiness come to be. How much freedom might come from reminding ourselves that all things are both non-dissatisfactory and unsatisfactory? Guided meditation and Dharma Reflection, followed by a Q&A.
2022-02-19 Responsive to a Fluid Self 1:22:38
Nathan Glyde
We can habitually and instinctively feel like our self, and apparent things of the world have the nature of fixity and stability. Yet, when we look deeper, what appeared independent and inherently there, seems to melt into a kind of fluidity. From this more sensitive meeting, can we find an appropriate response to how we actually feel in the current moment? As if we can go beneath the frozen surface of the idea of who and what is into the dependently originating and fading fluidity.
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