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Retreat Dharma Talks at Gaia House

Expanding Joy on the Path of Peace

Habitually we can be quite reactive: seeking new pleasures; and avoiding displeasure and pain. With millennia under our collective belt, this has clearly been fantastic for survival. But it is stressful (dukkha) compared to the peaceful, yet joyful, alternative offered by the Buddha: to not react to the world; to cease the push and pull on phenomena of life; to not get so wound up.

Yet this equanimous way of relating, that is spacious and sensitive in the midst of life, is far from indifference. It is connected and caring, a life affirming release that is radically resourceful and deeply delightful.

On this long weekend we shape our ways of relating to all of life, to lessen reactivity and open freedom here and now, and, to rejuvenate us for our life to come.

Any names or 'live' questions have been removed from the Questions & Responses recordings.

2022-01-14 (3 days) Gaia House

2022-01-15 Instructions and Guided Meditation - Slowly Gathering in Kindness 56:29
Nathan Glyde
2022-01-15 Questions and Responses 11:35
Nathan Glyde
2022-01-15 Guided Meditation - Metta to Sensations 44:54
Nathan Glyde
2022-01-15 Dharma Talk - Expanding Joy and Opening to Peace 49:12
Nathan Glyde
2022-01-16 Instructions and Guided Meditation - Opening to Peacefulness 53:54
Nathan Glyde
2022-01-16 Questions & Responses 28:53
Nathan Glyde
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