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Retreat Dharma Talks at Gaia House

Timeless Presence in the Midst of Daily Life (a series of four online practice days)

Welcome to a series of one-day retreats exploring the possibility of being grounded in the depth of timeless presence in the midst of daily life. We inquire into how to live a full life from silence and emptiness, whilst being yourself in peace with others, and doing what needs to be done.

A day of retreat is, for a brief time, to stop the momentum of the world, where that which is profound and real may emerge and be embodied. A human life infused with meaning, freedom and love, a fulfilling life, means to develop a taste for certain values; a taste for truth, depth and simplicity of being. You do not need to achieve these qualities, you just need to appreciate them and orient yourself towards them, allowing yourself the time and opportunity for them to emerge and become an integrated part of your life. With a spirit of curiosity and kindness, we engage in meditative and inquiry practices that support realignment, deep rest, letting go and embodiment.

2021-09-12 (92 days) Gaia House

2021-09-12 Deepening Heart Presence 47:37
Leela Sarti
Opening Teachings and Guided Meditation
2021-09-12 Deepening Heart Presence 27:25
Leela Sarti
Day 1, Part 2: Teachings
2021-09-12 Deepening Heart Presence 53:03
Leela Sarti
Teachings, Guided Meditation
2021-10-03 Timeless Ethics, Life Structures, and Living Without Remorse 44:38
Leela Sarti
2021-10-03 Timeless Ethics, Life Structures, and Living Without Remorse 61:37
Leela Sarti
Day 2, Part 3: Teachings, Introduction to Inquiry Practice
2021-11-14 Curiousity 43:05
Leela Sarti
Day 3, Part 1: Teachings, Guided Meditation
2021-11-14 Curiousity 42:34
Leela Sarti
Day 3, Part 2: Teachings
2021-11-14 Curiousity 1:12:02
Leela Sarti
Day 3, Part 3: Guided Meditation, Introduction to Inquiry, Closing Teachings
2021-12-12 Depth, Rest, Stillness 1:21:35
Leela Sarti
Day 4, Part 1: Teachings, Guided Meditation, Introduction to Solo Contemplative Exercise
2021-12-12 Depth, Rest, Stillness 52:27
Leela Sarti
Day 4, Part 2: Guided Meditation, Introduction to Inquiry Practice, Closing Teachings
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