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Retreat Dharma Talks at Gaia House

Online Dharma Hall - Oct 2020

2020-10-03 (29 days) Gaia House

2020-10-03 Joy and Rest As Supports for Viriya 60:29
Zohar Lavie
2020-10-11 Mettā Samādhi or Samādhi Mettā 55:38
Nathan Glyde
Exploring what happens when we offer mettā phrases that resonate with and radiate the felt sense of samādhi. Apologies: there are a lot of environmental noises from the sonic-cityscape I sat in to offer this online session. Hopefully the inimitable delight of Dharma overcomes the occasional annoyance of a horn, alarm, or call of a city dwellers.
2020-10-16 Dharma Talk - What is Mindfulness ? 63:34
Chris Cullen
This recording also includes Christina Feldman What are the roles and practice of Mindfulness, and how does it work ?
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