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Retreat Dharma Talks at Gaia House

To Be In The World, To Be Touched By Life

The Buddha's teachings on non-attachment are not a means of escaping this life but an invitation to engage with it with care, creativity and a spirit of inquiry.

These talks explore our relationships of being in the world and how we can hold, enjoy and cherish the dynamic and creative tension of wise non-attachment and the human heart's need and wish for belonging and for engaged participation: a passionate and compassionate participation that can encounter life with amazement and wonder, as rich in meaning, and even sacred.

2019-12-08 (6 days) Gaia House

2019-12-09 Guided Body Meditation 45:55
Nathan Glyde
Guided body meditation on the felt sense of presence.
2019-12-10 Second Morning Instructions 45:59
Nathan Glyde
Calming bodily fabrications
2019-12-11 Dharma Talk - The Meeting of Wellbeing 47:06
Nathan Glyde
2019-12-12 Fourth Morning Instructions 52:43
Nathan Glyde
All sense contact met with kindness.
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