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Retreat Dharma Talks at Gaia House

Your Life is Your Teacher

2017-03-07 (5 days) Gaia House

2017-03-07 Independent in This World - Introductory Talk 27:25
Martin Aylward
In this opening talk, Martin points to 3 kinds of liberation that form the ground of the retreat practice - freedom from views, freedom from compulsions, and freedom from self-concern.
2017-03-08 Morning Instructions and Guided Meditation 38:39
Martin Aylward
Embodied attention (Yoniso Manisikara)
2017-03-08 Afternoon Teachings: No Wrong Experience 59:04
Martin Aylward
This talk explores how embodied attention can feels into and find out about all our experience. We explore how inquiry works, not as intellectual curiosity but as a body-cantered investigation that allows everything to be met and explored.
2017-03-09 Morning Instructions and Guided Meditation 51:33
Martin Aylward
Complete and Continuous attention.
2017-03-09 Afternoon Teachings: Time, Space, and Becoming 53:20
Martin Aylward
Martin explores the flexible nature of perception, and how deepening meditative skill can uncover, deconstruct and understand how we create the familiar reference points of experience.
2017-03-10 Morning Instructions and Guided Meditation 45:19
Martin Aylward
Appropriate Attention.
2017-03-10 Afternoon Teachings: A Generous Spirit 42:13
Martin Aylward
We look at the kinds of attitudes we habitually bring to our practice, seeing the inertia and familiarity of unwholesome attitudes or spirits. We then explore the power of a generous spirit, or the practice of Dana, as a foundation for happiness.
2017-03-11 Morning Instructions and Guided Meditation 46:10
Martin Aylward
Freely abiding awareness, freely unfolding experience.
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