The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Retreat Dharma Talks at Gaia House

A Path of Freedom

2014-04-16 (4 days) Gaia House

2014-04-17 Wise Responses to Hindrances 52:48
Jake Dartington
2014-04-18 Recognising the Taste of Freedom (Part One) 62:15
Kirsten Kratz
The teachings of the Buddha are described as having one taste and one taste only, the taste of freedom.This talks explores how we may understand the concept of freedom in more conventional ways and within our practice, mentioning some of the ways we may experience being not free, stuck or bound.
2014-04-19 The Path to Freedom 45:36
Jake Dartington
2014-04-19 Recognising the Taste of Freedom (Part Two) 53:34
Kirsten Kratz
Continuing from part 1, this talk reflects how we may approach the perceived absence of freedom in our life in ways that turn the very place of being not free into a possible gateway to greater freedom, and how we may get sensitive to taste freedom in aspects of life where we may not expect it.
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