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Retreat Dharma Talks at Gaia House

Whole Life, Whole Practice, Nothing Left Out

2011-05-04 (5 days) Gaia House

2011-05-04 Whole Life, Whole Practice, Nothing Left Out - Opening Talk 68:05
Martin Aylward
This talk introduces a way of participating in a silent retreat that leaves room for all aspects of our life. Martin discusses some orientating reflections that run throughout the retreat, beginning with the ongoing questioning of our experience as we settle more deeply into it; 'what is happening now?'
2011-05-05 Beyond the Shaping of the Mind 53:07
Martin Aylward
This talk links the concerns of our life, the tendencies of our minds, and the practice of meditation. Martin explores the way our conditioning and mental attitudes colour all our perceptions, and explores how dharma practice invites us to see through our acquired mental shaping, beyond our ideas, to meet life as directly, as deeply, as freely as possible.
2011-05-06 Freedom From Obsessinig and Rejecting 52:31
Martin Aylward
This talk uses the Buddha's model of the Middle Way to explore our tendencies to get caught either in obsessing about self, others and world, or in trying to reject and deny the same. Martin points to a creative, dynamic engagement with experience which reflects the title of the talk.
2011-05-08 Top Ten Retreatants Questions 64:25
Martin Aylward
An exploration of the ten most frequently raised questions, concerns and issues of Dharma practitioners, in sustaining and deepening practice in their everyday life.
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