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Retreat Dharma Talks at Gaia House

Tranquility, Insight and Awakening

2007-10-12 (3 days) Gaia House

2007-10-12 Opening Talk for Tranquility, Insight and Awakening - Connection, Curiousity, Care 56:16
Martin Aylward
This talk explores three essential qualities of awareness: the precision and brightness of moment-to-moment connection, the investigation of experience through Curiousity, and the allowing of things to unfold with Care. These aspects, which in free translation correspond with the qualities of Samatha, Vipassana and Metta are shown to be both qualities we can cultivate, and the natural orientation of the truly meditative mind.
2007-10-13 Four Liberating Truths 60:28
Martin Aylward
2007-10-14 Meeting the World - The Eightfold Path 45:49
Martin Aylward
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